Health Matters at the Market FAQ

A Community Wellness Journey


What is Health Matters at the Market?


Health Matters at the Market is a 3-month community journey toward better health and wellness. We’ll be offering three levels of participation to custom suit your needs. Our broad array of programming will begin and end with confidential testing on important health indicators to help you measure your results without a scale. In the meantime, you may find yourself enjoying vouchers for free fruits and vegetables, yoga instruction, meditation coaching, vision board creation, discounts at select fresh food small business owners within the market, Facebook group support, video diaries, meal prep and nutrition workshops, group and individual exercise opportunities (at the market and the YMCA), and more depending on your level of participation and membership!


When does the program begin?


Our Health Matters at the Market official kick-off date is Saturday, January 13th. We will begin at 2:30pm with a relaxed Meet & Greet Orientation featuring an empowering Guided Meditation Workshop with Libby Rapin a Chopra Certified Meditation Coach. This will be followed by a Vision Board Workshop with City Market Manager Ruthy Shemanski from 4-6pm. The purpose of this unique and inspiring start to our wellness journey is to help each participant focus on why their health matters. Through a supportive team approach, we will successfully pursue a lasting positive change in each of our lives by addressing the whole person: heart, mind, soul, and body.


The following week, Saturday, January 20th, each participant will have their first confidential health & wellness assessment screening performed by McLaren Bay Region. Each participant will also be signed up for Rx for Health, a collaborative program between City Market and The Bay County Health Department that gives each participant vouchers worth up to $50 for free fresh fruits & vegetables!


When does the program end?


The program will feature unique classes, workshops, wellness assessments, and workouts over the course of the next 3 months. The program will conclude on April 14th with a final confidential health & wellness assessment screening, again provided by McLaren Bay Region. On that day, participants will receive measured results of their wellness journey and be well on their way to a lifetime of better health and wellness habits.


When are the classes?


For a calendar of all program offerings, please click HERE.

What if I can’t attend all the classes?


That’s ok! We encourage all participants to be as involved as they wish to be. From yoga, nutrition, and wellness classes to online group mentorship, each member can get involved at the level at which they are most comfortable! We believe each person’s wellness journey looks a little bit different, but that together we are better! Health Matters at the Market seeks to create a close-knit community of like-minded individuals who will work together to help each other enjoy their journey on the way to better health & wellness.


What is the difference between the three levels?

Our Basic Program is FREE to join and offers participation in all of the classes/workshops on an “a la carte” basis. Many of the classes are also free to attend, however, some are not. This means program participants may attend any classes they wish but would need to sign up and pay full price for those classes with a fee ( e.g. yoga, Nutrition Bytes, etc.).


*To sign up for the FREE basic program, please click HERE.


Our Mid-Level Program offers all classes/workshops at a 50% discount. Each participant will receive a special discount code to use at checkout when they sign up for any classes or workshops that charge a fee. Another special feature of this program is that participants will be granted access to an exclusive meal-prep workshop series.


*To sign up for the $75 Mid-Level program, please click HERE.


Our VIP All-Access Program offers all classes/workshops for FREE. Each participant will receive a special code that would allow them to register and attend all classes in the program, free of charge. Special features of this exclusive program are a 3-month family membership to the Dow Bay Area YMCA, access to an exclusive meal prep workshop series, video documentation of each participant’s health journey, a City Market Swag Bag, and 20% off fresh products from select small business owners at City Market.


*To sign up for the $150 VIP All-Access Program, please click HERE.