What is a “Seed Swap”?

October 11, 2017 • 0 comments

First of all, what is a seed?

A seed is defined as being “a flowering plant’s form of reproduction capable of developing into another plant”. A seed needs soil, water, and sunlight to grow. Seeds produce most of what we eat like fruits, vegetables, wheat and grains, beans, and much more!

What is a “Seed Swap”?

A seed swap is an event where farmers and gardeners can get together to swap any excess seeds they may have in supply with seeds from other people in their community. This event held at City Market is free and open to all ages and gardening/farming backgrounds. There will be guest speakers, a scavenger hunt with prize gift basket as well as open vendors with food, drinks, and plenty more!

Why would you “Seed Swap”?

  • Enhance Flavors! Is your crop selection becoming narrow? Participate in the City Market Seed Swap to enhance variety in produce!
  • Save Money! While a typical package of 50 pepper seeds will cost you $3 or more and transplants can cost you $5 each, at City Market during our Seed Swap event, you can come swap for free!
  • Help Save the Bees! Become part of the growing movement to prevent bee extinction by encouraging variety in your own growing selection providing greater selection for pollination.
  • Engage with Community! Share and interact with neighbors at this local event. Swap seeds, stories, and suggestions with other local farmers.