In-Season Vegetables, Herbs, and Fruit

City Market is your local source for the freshest produce around. When menu planning, refer to this list to make sure youíre cooking with only the freshest options available:


Michigan Vegetables and Herbs at City Market:


Arugula, May through September

Asparagus, April through June

Beets, May through October

Broccoli, June through October

Cabbage, June through November

Carrots, May through November

Chard, May through September

Cilantro, June through September

Corn, mid-June through mid-August

Garlic scapes/green garlic, May and June

Green Onions/Scallions, June through September

Greens (various), May through November

Herbs, various, May through October

Kale, June through November

Lettuce (various), May through October

Parsley, May through September

Peas and pea pods, June through August

Peppers (sweet), June through September

Radishes, May through October

Rhubarb, April through June

Spinach, May through October


Michigan Fruits at City Market:


Cherries, June and July

Raspberries, June into August

Strawberries, June and July