What is a “Seed Swap”?

October 11, 2017

First of all, what is a seed? A seed is defined as being “a flowering plant’s form of reproduction capable of developing into another plant”. A seed needs soil, water, and sunlight to grow. Seeds produce most of what we eat like fruits, vegetables, wheat and grains, beans, and much more! What is a “Seed […]

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5 Tips for Cooking Market Fresh Vegetables

July 12, 2017

You’ve made the wise choice to buy fresh, local produce from City Market or from your local farm stand. That’s wonderful! You’ve taken a first, and extremely important step toward improving your health and supporting your community. However, it doesn’t stop there. what you do with your farm-fresh fruits and vegetables when you get them […]

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How to Prepare and Store Melons Safely

July 3, 2017

Melons are one of the healthiest and tastiest fruits you can get at your local City Market or Farmers Market. Buying Melons in-season means you’ll get the most nutrition and the best taste, too. Making sure your melons are fresh and safe to consume isn’t necessarily intuitive, however. Fortunately, the good folks at MSU offer […]

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