Our little town of Bay City, Michigan has seen many changes since it was first established in 1837. Its lumber, mill, and ship-building operations, in addition to thousands of acres of farm land, helped to build a rich and vibrant history for our community.

Dating back to the mid 1800’s; the early days of our town, Bay City was home to what was called “City Market” on 3rd St. and Saginaw St. An open-air market with farm stalls, it operated until 1906 when it closed and became a Brooks boat manufacturing site. Six years later it came back to life briefly as “Bay City Market Company”.

Fast forward to present day, and you will find Bay City to be a thriving, vibrant, and quaint town full of life, adventure, and charm. In looking back at our rich history, it seemed only fitting to bring back a re-imagined version of “City Market” as a respectful nod to what once was as we continue to step confidently toward a bright future for our town.

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, City Market aims its focus on bringing local, farm fresh, healthy options to the community; thus addressing the “food desert” or non-existence of fresh quality grocery and produce in Downtown Bay City. We truly believe in knowing where your food came from and supporting Local Farmers!

City Market has space for up to 25 local farmers, small business owners, and restaurants, all of whom feature the freshest grown produce, finest baked goods, juices, flowers, ready to go meals, meats, and on-site restaurants preparing farm fresh delicious meals.

We are proud to welcome food assistance benefits and programs such as SNAP/EBT, Double Up Food Bucks, Senior Project Fresh and WIC Project Fresh! We believe there is a seat for EVERYONE at the City Market ‘table’ and are humbled to be part of such an incredible community!

As a nonprofit, we always need volunteers! Click Here to learn how you can have fun while giving back to the community!