The Art of Marshmallows with Anne

July 11, 2017 • 0 comments

Anne Boulley, a Bay City native and the creative talent behind Artisanne Chocolatier, developed a passion for the art of chic patisseries while traveling through France. Since that experience, Anne has fallen in love, heart and soul, with the art of creating chocolates, pastries and other decadent dishes.

“Art is Anne”


Anne started Artisanne when she was forty-five years old and expecting her third child. She loved baking simply because it was a “creative outlet”.  With the overwhelming success of Artisanne, Anne moved from Oregon back to Bay City to open her first “store” as a vendor at City Market.

“With my booth at City Market, I’ve been so busy–this is indeed a sixty hour week for me with a four year old child by my side,” Boulley expresses.  Despite all the success, Anne intends to always be the artisan behind Artisanne Chocolatier.  Each creation is made with hands on precision. “I don’t want to be a chocolatier that has others make my chocolates,” she says, “I love every single part of this experience and want to share it with others.” Artisanne believes that there is unconditional joy through the act of creation.  She loves to see that look of surprise and love through others eyes when they create their own chocolate dishes.

On July 8th, 2017 Artisanne held a demonstration event at City Market; teaching others how to create their own unique and tasteful Marshmallows. “When create food I make sure I use the best ingredients available.” she shared.

At Artisanne’s Marshmallow class, attendees had the opportunity to learn how to create many different marshmallow creations.  From marshmallow base, sugar free marshmallows, and vegan marshmallows to how to add chocolate and blue moon flavors. Class participants tasted samples of delicious marshmallow and went home with recipes to make their own creations at home!

Boulley believes in the art of what she does and in passionately creating beautiful delicious food. “I toast the nuts, brown the butter, and scrape the vanilla bean. I candy the orange peel, reduce the red wine, and cold smoke the sea salt.” Artisanne always goes above and beyond.

Anne shared some advice for those interested in becoming a chocolatier: “Buy several pounds of good quality chocolate (couverture chocolate) and practice tempering chocolate for a week or two and get comfortable with it. Once you have tempering under your belt you will have confidence to try so many small things.”

She also suggests that you weigh your ingredients with a digital scale for more accurate result. Anne Boulley feels great about Artisanne Chocolatier being at City Market, and will continue to pursue her art for a lifetime.

“I really love what’s happening in downtown Bay City. It’s exciting!”


Stop by Downtown Bay City’s City Market for some delicious creations and to visit Artisanne Chocolatier. Anne’s next FREE class “Macarons with Artisanne” will be held July 12th from 5:45-6:45pm with special assistance provided by Kamryn Chasnis, Masterchef Jr. Contestant.
Beautiful Macarons, made by Artisanne Chocolatier

**Written by City Market’s volunteer blogger Nicole EM Horn, a student at Delta College University and owner of NEMH Photography**